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Look at the CNN Politics Page/Why Our Gov’t Fails

There is literally one story, out of a dozen, near the top of the page that is about an actual going on in our government. The rest is about Rebublican 2012 BS. Oh, he said maybe he might run? That’s nice. Why don’t we talk about actually getting something done in congress? Instead we get slogans, blurbs, gossip and irrational posturing. No, apparently we don’t need compromise. According to our representatives its better to be gridlocked and force the other side into unbalanced agreements than find mutual understanding. I wonder what some of these embarrassments we call congressmen think of Henry Clay, the Great Compromiser, who is considered unanimously one of the best politicians in the country’s history. They’d probably call him a pussy. What a loser, all he did was delay the civil war! He should’ve just stepped back in line and let the crazies rule! What a fool.

Anyways, my point is that we have politicians who aren’t accountable for their awful decisions because no one pays attention. Some of this is coverage. Gossip sells more than actual news, which is a shame. Unfortunately what this means is that elections get so much will-they-won’t-they pre-coverage, because it’s more juicy.

Ever think that one of the reasons our government cant get squat done is because, less than a year after one election we’re already focusing on the next? Why don’t we wait a couple fucking minutes and look at issues instead of worrying about whether someone will have a job in two years. Performance will determine your election. Focus on that.

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